The Winter Solstice is the time of the longest night and the shortest day. The dark triumphs but only briefly. For the Solstice is also a turning point. Beginning here the nights grow shorter and the days grow longer.  Slowly the bleakness of the dark is replaced by the increasing light of the sun. Many of the customs associated with the Winter Solstice such as St Lucy’s Day, Saturnalia,  New Years and Twelfth Night, derive from stories of a mighty battle between the dark and the light, which is won, naturally, by the light. The lighting of bon fires and the feasting of the crowds were believed to take away the darkness and gloom of midwinter.

So is this a good time to celebrate the birth of our Saviour?  The truth of course is that any day might have done, but by choosing the middle of winter, the church also described the nature and the purpose  of the birth of Christ.

The people of the world, (and many still today) celebrated the end of the dark times and the beginning of a change in the light of the day.  This does indeed describe the events of the birth of Christ.  Christ of course had been a reality for the people of Israel since the beginning of time.  He had been foretold over the centuries.  The place of his birth had been recorded by the prophets and many of the circumstances of his life here on earth were already known to those who could understand the meaning of the prophesies, especially by the prophet Isaiah.  The coming of Christ into this world as a man marked the beginning of the end of the great battle between God and Satan.  Christ came to defeat the work of the Devil and to save mankind from the evil desires of Satan by fulfilling the will of His Father.  So what better day is there to mark this event than the day upon which the darkness begins to be conquered by the rising of the sun for certainly the rising of the SON brought light to this world.  The pagan people knew a little about this.  They knew that there was a battle going on and that it had to do with darkness and light.  But they had forgotten the promises of the Almighty, that He would bring someone to defeat the devil and set all mankind free.  So they tried to do this on their own.  They believed that their celebrations and carousing would dispel the darkness.  And for a little time it did, but soon again the darkness came back, because man cannot overcome the judgement of God.

The darkness of the winter, the dying of the plants and the cold that is common to this time of the year in our part of the world, is not the way the world was initially created.  It is what the world became after mankind broke the ties with God, after we tried to do things our own way.  Christ has come to take away the groaning of creation and return mankind to paradise.  This is not done by our feasting, but by Christ’s faithful sacrifice on the cross.

Satan has been defeated.  God in his mercy allows Satan still some room to tempt and torment.  The fullness of sin must be completed, and the fullness of the number of the elect must be reached.  Each day that God waits, is a day in which mankind has the opportunity to repent from his sins and turn to Christ for the deliverance that each man needs.  We see all the evil, hate and warfare around us and might wonder why it is not over.  Every Christian prays daily for the returning of Christ to put an end to this dark and painful world, but each day that we wait is a day in which we can repent from our sins and turn to Christ for the deliverance from sin and Satan.  In the meantime the darkness continues around us, but we can already see the light in our lives.  We can already taste the treasures and pleasures of Paradise.  Not fully yet, but just a little taste that gives us hope and confidence in God’s promises and the life eternal.

Does it disturb you that Christ had to do this for us?  Couldn’t we have done this ourselves?  We saw how the pagans tried to do this for themselves and were hopelessly caught up with the annual returning of the darkness in their world.  There was no peace for them.  If we had to rely on our own “goodness”, we would be equally frustrated by the returning of the darkness in our lives.  But it is not up to us.  God does all the work.  Christ, God’s Son has already done it all and all we have to do is to believe.  Believe? Believe that Christ had paid your debts.  And that leads us then with determination to a life of thankfulness where we try to keep God’s commandments.  Not so that we can be saved, but because we were already saved by Christ.

I think this is a big deal, do you?


  1. HalleluYah(means praise you Yah!) Yahushua(Christ) has come in the flesh and was born into this world so that HIS word could be fulfilled and he kept his promises to us… in the beginning was the word so its been around from the start and has never changed. Our creator’s word has never changed, his love for us is so strong that he gave us his only son, so that we might be made whole, with his grace and love he gave up his blood for us but did not die. He rose from the dead and continues to do work in us. He rose again and made it known to all and he dwells in us and guides us with the truth, if we ask him for the truth, he promises to give it us… BUT he warns us if we do not love the truth, then our heavenly father sends us strong delusions and allows us to believe lies. That is powerful, so we must always ask to be shown the truth and pray and seek him daily. As well as ask Him to show us HIS narrow path, that few of us shall find, but broad is the path to destruction. So we must not follow the world and its customs. The pagans celebrated Christmas long before our Messiah came to us in the flesh…. for JerimiYah (Jeremiah) 10 warns us DO NOT DO AS THEY DO… for they(pagans) take a tree from the woods, fasten it with nails so it does not topple and adorn it with gold and silver (whoa this sounds like the holiday your saying is Yahushua/Christ’s birth?! Miriyam (Mary) was pregnant with him and was walking a long distance looking for a place to give birth. Does that sound like the coldest darkest time of the year?! Would our heavenly father make her walk that distance in the cold? The shepherds were in the field tending to the flocks. This sounds perhaps more like the fall feast of Sukkot to me, but it is not clear…. We must abandon the traditions of men and keep the Set Apart feasts of YHWH. In Scripture with the instruction for Passover it commands we do it FOREVER not until it’s “done away with”. Shemoth (Exodus) 12:24 “And you shall guard this word as a Law for you and your sons, forever. It is the same with the commandment keeping of the Sabbath on Saturday, we are instructed to REMEMBER it. That doesn’t sound like it should be the only commandment done away with, of any of the 10 given. Are the other 9 done away with and nailed to the cross? These laws still apply and modern Western Christianity holds fast to the traditions of men and the doctrines of Roman Catholicism instead of the foundations established from the beginning. YHWH does not change. The Messiah himself was not a Christian and followed the laws of Moses. He even says in Yahcanan (John) 5:45-47 “Do not think that I shall accuse you to the Father. There is one who accuses you: Mosheh, in whom you have put your expectation. For if you believed Mosheh, you would have believed Me, since he wrote about Me. But if you do not believe his writings, how shall you believe My Words?” It’s not that Christians aren’t sincere in trying to honor Yahushua, it’s that they are coming from the wrong mindset and wrong understanding. We also see birthdays were being celebrated in the scriptures we saw Yahcanan(John) the Baptist was beheaded on one of the birthdays celebrated. It was a pagan celebration to honor one’s self. We have not seen Yahushua(Christ) celebrate any birthdays (and we are told to imitate HIM) We saw he kept the real holidays given to us in Torah, we know he kept all the words of the prophets so that includes JerimiYah 10. He didn’t give us the exact date for us to celebrate on purpose, so why would we join the pagans on the day they celebrate their darkness? I don’t think it makes sense…if felt a need to celebrate his birthday why not celebrate it on one of his set apart times? he asked us to pass his holidays from generation to generation forever and ever… why would we pick a day so dark and dreary?

    We know that the master of lies is the devil is it a coincidence that Santa and Satan are the same letters mixed around? in french they sing No EL doesn’t sound like this is the time to celebrate the birth of EmanuEl’s? We are told that Satan’s lies fool the entire world. halleluYah we have Yahushua’s word and HIS spirit to dwell in us so we are able to find the truth if we seek it all, we have to do is ask for his guidance


  2. Hello Frankie,
    Thanks for your message. I wasn’t able to listen carefully to everything you said, because my kids are being noisy. 😂

    Hmm, Yahushua certainly did die, but then rose on the third day. I think that’s what you were saying.

    Observing a certain day for extra focus on Christ’s incarnation is not biblically prescriptive. However, I still recommend being gentle about condemning people about honoring one day above another, because when they do so, they do it to honor God. The apostle discusses this in Romans 14, or thereabouts.

    Regards in Christ,

  3. Shalom
    I thank you for your comments. i agree with a lot that you have said. I can see we both share a love of our saviour Jesus Christ or Yahushua. Ultimately that is what counts. Yes we should not walk in the shoes of pagans. Your reference to Jeremiah 10 however is a little misplaced since that clearly speaks about turning the treas into idols. Agreed some make an idol of the Christmas tree. Counting maybe on the presents under the tree. Yes those things are wrong. Brother we are on the same page. I am not sure what God sees of us, but he reads the heart, and will be praised also by the way so many today place other meanings to the tree. The lights and the gifts are by many related to the light of this world, and the Son given to the world.
    Yes we are celebrating a birthday, but we are celebrating the receipt of a gift from God that has changed the world. That has changed the relationship between man and God. That certainly is something to celebrate. Christians cannot help it if the world has changed the celebration to an orgy of materialism. It does however not mean that Christians should ignore such an important event in the history of the world.

    I hope that I have addressed some of your concerns. I truly believe that we sincerely wish to serve the same God, the God of the scriptures, to the best of our ability.
    I look forward to hearing more of your comments.
    Have a blessed celebration.

  4. Greetings Paul, yes Romiyim/Romans 14 is great! we don’t want to judge each other i especially love the part about not putting a stumbling block in our brothers way… I think if we are not spreading scripture based truth we can often put extra blocks in peoples way, for somebody brand new to the story of Elohim(god) it can be hard enough to take in without adding more and blending in old traditions of man can make it all very confusing….which is why i was simply pointing out Yahushua’s birth was mentioned in the bible but I could not find one single mention of any of the followers of Christ celebrating his birthday after the original birth, there was no further mention of it after it happened… Do you have any verses I may have missed that any of his followers were celebrating the messiah’s birth while he was walking around with them? or after his death or after he rose from the dead and walked again? Or even our messiah attending a birthday party of someone else? It seems people are mixing a worldly holiday with Christ’s birth yet there was no command to celebrate it after he was born he didn’t even reveal the exact day… but there was mention of the shephards in the field attending to the flocks in the evening they didn’t do this in the winter the shephards were in the field spring-fall….and i can’t find any scripture supporting christmas, there is mention of his birth however that is not christmas it had a different origin and was added to christianity by man after the bible was written and not under Elohims authority(unless somebody here has scripture to prove otherwise?)…And there seems to be lots of scripture warning us about doing the wrong thing. I wouldn’t want to bring people to hear the wonderful story of Elohim(god) and be bringing them false stories blended in with scripture. I fear Elohim with all my heart so i would never want to add or take away from his word. I’m wondering if the reason we can’t put Christ back into christmas is because perhaps he was never there from the start. I think if we are not careful to test all spirits and make sure they are from our creator we could be dealing with the wrong type of spirits. I have no doubt there is a christmas spirit, however i have huge doubt it is from the holy spirit.

    MattithYahu/Mathew 15 v8-9(Messiah speaking) ‘This people draw near Me with their mouth, and respect Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. But in vain do they worship Me, Teaching as teaching the commands of men.’ ”
    2nd witness Marqos/Mark 7 v6-9 …..’This people respect Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. And in vain do they worship Me. teaching as teachings the commands of men.’ “Forsaking the Command of Elohim you hold fast the teachings of men.” And he said to them. “Well do you put aside the Command of Elohim, in order to guard your tradition.
    I’m thinking the holiday in question is tradition of man and not from the word of Elohim unless someone has some scripture to prove otherwise?

    Henry I think we do wish to serve the same Elohim(god) of the scriptures… halleluYah! I hope we all can pray for truth to be shown to us all as we read each others messages:)I always ask for the blinders to be removed and the truth to be shown and he always does:) I guess why i mentioned JerimiYah 10 was because so many people tend to put gifts underneath the tree which usually requires you to get on your knees to put them under there or to retrieve them. I kinda feel having read the scriptures many times it was the only similarity to the holiday in question(I think they were talking about it exactly as it sounds alot like a christmas tree) I could find and it seems like we should always try to do what pleases the one we all love, our beloved Messiah Yahushua. it seems the idols were worshiped and bowed too and I feel like even having a tree is partaking in traditions of man and has nothing to do with our Messiah. If we love him he asks we guard his commands so I try to do that as much as I can and when i fall short i pray for his grace and mercy to forgive me and he washes my sin away with his blood:) but I do my best not to anger him though sometimes i do make mistakes and in the past i had previously celebrated world holidays… then I discovered his set apart times and his holidays are all mentioned in his wonderful book and his Sabbath is too be remembered too. but i don’t think we should be keeping any traditions of man which sounds like this holiday is just that. Most of the symbols and things around the holiday we could come up with all sorts of false reasons to tie them to the Messiah but they are not his traditions or else we’d have evidence of that in our scriptures which is our sword we must keep it sharp and not dull it with mans word

    look forward to hearing more from you both.



  5. Dear Frankie
    I read your post with interest. I think it gives me much to think about. I do believe however, that traditions are not always bad, and God did not put everything explicitly in the bible. But you are right we must test the spirit. We do know that God wants us to praise Him and His wonderful deeds. Christmas is certainly a celebration of God’s wonderful deeds in the world. From the Christmas story we learn how God even controlled the deeds of Ceasar Augustus to fulfill the prophesies of old. So we are told to praise our God, and not always in what way.
    But I agree with you that often when man does things it is tainted with the sin that remains in each of our lives. This is no reason though to stop the praising of God, even in the Christmas celebration, and the other holidays in the Christian calendar. We have the privilege of focusing on the good deeds of God in the history of the world and in so doing also place those deeds before unbelievers. The preaching of God’s world has also been abused and twisted to suit the will of man, but we do not stop the preaching because of it. We increase it at every opportunity we get. Also in our fallen and humble life God is praised when we follow his precepts and pass them on to our neighbours. Whether they listen is not our job. That is the domain of the Holy Spirit, ours is to acknowledge God in all of our life.
    Now it is time for me to reflect on what you wrote.

  6. Well I appreciate you guys making this wonderful site:) if we agree with eachother or not its great to have a place to discuss Elohim’s word and grow. I hope soon i’m able to join a Wednesday discussion. I don’t have internet at home so just get to use it when i visit others:) Do you guys have a prayer request section? I know he hears us when we all get together in unity on the same things. Even if for now were just all praying more join this awesome group.
    Thanks for creating this I know in the scriptures they met daily in their homes and temples to study and pray so was nice to find a site like this where people can discuss how they feel and work together to find more truth



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